Sunday, November 14, 2010


I would like to clarify a couple of points:

1) I am primarily looking for Fantasy genre works, but will host the occasional Science Fiction story.

2) While many genres can contain fantasy elements - this does not make it a fantasy. Please consider if you had to pick the primary genre for your story if it would be fantasy, science fiction, romance, etc.

3) Even if the primary genre isn't Fantasy - if the fantasy elements are strong then please let me see it.

4) If you must send erotica - please let me know up front and make sure the 1st chapter has a PG rating.

I'm looking to promote Fantasy genre stories and stories that fantasy readers might be interested in - this means Fantasy first, Science Fiction second - other genres with strong fantasy elements in the story next.

All that being said, don't reject yourself for me. If you think your story fits the above - go ahead and let me see the promo materials requested - but please, if it is not firmly in the Fantasy genre let me know up front what it would be classfied as. Thanks.

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